Decide where your food comes from, how it’s produced and what price you pay for it

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Flour to the people… and eggs, and bacon and much, much more! It’s time we stood up for what we want as consumers. It’s time we got products that are good for us while still being good for the environment. It’s time we made sure our farmers are paid a fair price so they can do a good job too. It’s time… to stand together, for what we want, for the food we deserve. Join our community and add your voice to the food revolution.

We're all about:

  • using the power of community
  • for transparency in the food process
  • with fairer trade for farmers
  • having respect for animals and the environment
  • delivering better produce for all
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Five simple ways we’ll revolutionise food production
We build our community
People who share the same values come together to make a difference.
We choose our products
Together we decide the products we want to consume.
We shape our products
Collectively, we decide on the best product characteristics.
We talk to the producers
The Consumer Brand team negotiate with producers, processors and retailers to bring our products to market.
We make it, support it, and buy it!
The products we want become available in supermarkets for all to enjoy!