Flour to the people!

Our first product is on its way!

It’s official, our first questionnaire is done and dusted and we couldn’t be happier. Together, we’ve had our say and together, we’re making flour our way!

Together, we decided that our flour should:

Thank you to all 2332 people who cast their vote.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Did you miss out on the last Vote?

If you missed out on filling in the first questionnaire and want to know the big day of our flour launch, leave your email address and we’ll let you know. And, remember to have your say on the next product by filling out our egg questionnaire.

Every opinion counts

Where does our money go?

One bag of 1.5kg plain flour

Recommended Retail Price: £1.31*
Wheat tonnage price: £162.24

£1.31 per bag buys a lot of good!

  • 1.5kg for really good value
  • Good transparency where you can see where every penny goes
  • A fair price to the farmer which is very good indeed.
  • Good for the environment
  • Good for animal welfare too

Supporting regenerative agriculture

Nature Friendly Farming Network logo2p from every bag sold goes towards supporting our friends at the Nature Friendly Farming Network – who help farmers with sustainable farming methods, benefitting our wildlife and countryside. Fantastic!

More for the farmer

32p goes to our farmers. This ensures a fair price to cover costs and allow farmers to adhere to animal welfare and environmental values.