How it works:


For the first time, WE, the consumer, have the power to create the products WE want. Products that are tasty and healthy. Products that are fairly priced for both us and the UK farmers who produce them. That are manufactured properly, with consideration for the environment and the animals involved. It’s about time we say. So let’s do it! Let’s make a difference, and let’s do it together!

Five simple ways we’ll revolutionise food production
We build our community
People who share the same values come together to make a difference.
We choose our products
Together we decide the products we want to consume.
We shape our products
Collectively, we decide on the best product characteristics.
We talk to the producers
The Consumer Brand team negotiate with producers, processors and retailers to bring our products to market.
We make it, support it, and buy it!
The products we want become available in supermarkets for all to enjoy!

By creating the products ourselves, we save on advertising and guarantee full traceability.

How it works

UK Consumer, meet UK farmer. UK farmer, meet UK consumer. We’ve all been kept apart for far too long, and it’s about time we got to know each other better. To change things for the better.

We start with a simple questionnaire, so we can collectively decide on the type of products we’d like, the price we think is fair, and how important the environment and animal welfare is to us.

Then our Consumer Brand team will collate the information, sending it to the trusted farmers and producers who share our values, for them to produce it.

Shaping what we want,
to help make what we want,
so we can buy what we want!

Your vote will count – so let’s come together and make a difference to what we eat.
Start filling out a questionnaire today!