Let's vote for the flour we want!

2289 Consumer votes
Closing Date : 29/01/2021

Why Flour?

130 million slices of bread

5 million packets of biscuit

4.5 million cakes & buns

2 million pizzas

All these products are made with British flour and purchased every day across the UK. (Nabim, facts & figures 2018)

These figures tell us a lot about the extent to which we, the consumers, can have a positive influence on the factors of production. We can have our say! Let’s think about where the wheat comes from, the cultivation method, how much we want to pay the farmer, the environmental factors and the packaging we want our product to come in.

Our consumption shapes our landscapes. This questionnaire will empower you to have your say and provide a platform for your voice to be heard. We can create healthier, tastier, and more environmentally friendly products together!

The Uk is home to many initiatives that are doing their part for a better world. We are firm believers that working with others can bring about positive change. Therefore, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Nature-Friendly Farming Network, The Real Food Campaign, and Fair to Nature. They have all contributed to this questionnaire.

We believe that positive changes will come from empowering consumers. By completing this questionnaire, you are already contributing to a better future. Be a protagonist in the story of a better future for all!

We thank you!

“It’s vital that we educate the next generation about where their food comes from and encourage them to shop sustainably. The Consumer Brand enables us to make informed choices about our food, ensuring that nature and the countryside are protected. By making ethical choices about our food, we can make sure farmers are paid a fair price so that they can safeguard the environment for our children.”

Hannah A Duncan, Secondary School Assistant Principal, The Consumer Brand Community member

“We are a group of farmers who have come together to champion a way of farming which is sustainable and good for nature. There are many farmers in the UK trying our best to farm in a way that works for nature, and we embraced the initiative from consumers willing to support us.”

Martin Lines, Nature Friendly Farming Network, UK Chair

“At the Real Food Campaign, we advocate for food to be grown and produced in ways that support health, are free from harmful chemicals and additives and support and restore our soils, our oceans and our natural environment. Therefore we feel it is important for consumers to be aware that while wheat is not a genetically modified grain, it – like other non-organic cereal crops – is sprayed with a glyphosate-based weedkiller and herbicide(known as Roundup), just before harvesting. Glyphosate is a widely recognised toxic chemical and this process leaves toxic residues in flours and foods made from grains sprayed with this chemical. It is refreshing to see The Consumer Brand supporting consumers with a transparent and educational approach in its questionnaires.”

Izabella Natrins, The Real Food Campaign, Steering Group

“It´s all about reversing the decline of wildlife in our countryside, and we are delighted to have the support from consumers, to market products that originate from farms following “Fair to Nature”  practices,  boosting biodiversity in our landscapes.”

Sam Tarrant, Fair to Nature, Business Conservation Partnerships Manager